Storage Heater Repair

A storage heater is an electrical heater that stores thermal energy by heating up ceramic bricks built in to the heater overnight to heat your home through the day.

Storage heaters are an important part of the heating system in your home and office, whether they are the main source of heat or a supplemental part of an overall heating system.

If you are on a time-of-use tariff such as an Economy7 or Economy10 plan, and you heat your home using electricity then using a storage heater helps you take advantage of the lower electricity rates in off-peak times.

Due to electricity being more expensive than gas these storage heaters are only really cost-effective for those off of the gas grid.

Electric Heating Repair Service

You can encounter problems from things such as damaged elements, loose connections, or a faulty thermostat. Whatever the problem is you can be sure that we will repair it at a price you can afford.

Replacing the individual parts of a storage heater is less expensive than you think. You can see why our storage heater repair service is a much better alternative when you consider the cost of replacing a storage heater entirely.

We provide you with the same reliable and professional service we offer all of our customers. We are able to repair your storage heater at a time that is convenient for you.

Our engineers carry parts for the most popular models with them so that they are able to make most repairs on the spot to bring heat back to your home or office in a timely manner.

energy efficiency at the point of use
Cambridge Electricians are able to repair storage heaters and electric radiators from all of the major manufacturer brands including

  • Creda
  • Dimplex
  • Elnur
  • Unidare
  • Stiebel Eltron
  • Subnhouse
Our wide portfolio of electric heating repair service, however does not limit only to electric heaters repair - but includes a premium:

  • Electric Radiator Repair service
  • Economy 7 Storage Heaters repair
  • Dimplex storage heater repair
  • Creda storage heaters repair
  • Unidare heater repair
  • Sunhouse heater repair

and many other repair services tailored to your electric brand appliances.

We do repairs on both commercial and individual storage heaters. Contact us today to receive your repair quote and take advantage of our professional service with no hidden costs.

Given how quickly and efficiently we make repairs, you can be sure that it won’t cost nearly as much as you think.

Hot Water Immersion Heater Repair

Homes that use immersion heaters still have access to hot water if their boiler breaks down. If you are thinking about getting an immersion heater, or you already have one, then it’s recommended that you keep reading.

Immersion heaters for Economy 7 users

If you are on an Economy 7 plan then you should use immersion heaters at night, during 12:00am to 7:00am. When you heat your water overnight on the cheaper off-peak rates you have hot water for the next day at the cost of heating hot water for an hour during peak times.

Immersion heaters can be used on an Economy 7 plan with or without adding the special time switch controller. The controller will just ensure that the hot water is heated during the seven night hours. It makes things convenient by ensuring you don’t need to remember to turn the heater off and on every time.

Our Economy 7 Water Heater Service can make most of your needs and put your Economy 7 Storage Heaters to order with a professional repair service.

You should not use the “boost” button on your heater. This lasts an hour or two and works by putting the heater on to the more expensive daytime electricity. There are some controllers that can be programmed to activate the boost when you need hot water the most. The boost button doesn’t work in the programmed times during the Economy 7 hours.

Hot Water Immersion Heater Repair

Homes that use immersion heaters still have access to hot water if their boiler breaks down. If you are thinking about getting an immersion heater, or you already have one, then it’s recommended that you keep reading.

Electric Water Heater Repair Service

Pulsacoil System Service Specialists

Immersion heaters are electric water heaters inside a hot water cylinder. They work essentially like a kettle in that they use electric resistance heaters (the metal loop/coil looking thing) to heat up the water. In case you need a professional PulsaCoil Water Heater Repair or Immersion Heater Repair, we are here to help you.

Immersion heaters use a cable to connect to their own power supplies. Because there is no need to constantly heat the water an immersion heater can be turned off and on as necessary. Immersion heaters can be used to provide al the hot water in your house, or they can be used as a backup in combination with a combi boiler.

Most households will have a combined central heating/hot water boiler to provide their home with hot water and heat. Some households may also have an immersion heater to act as a backup.

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Starting from £75 +VAT, per hour
Omar Idriss
Omar Idriss
11:47 07 Oct 18
excellent service. The person I spoke to when getting a quote was very polite and helpful. The engineer fixed the problem quickly and explained the reason for the problem. This all done for the agreed price, which was the cheapest quote of three I got (£100 vs. £400+ which was the most expensive!)
Arianna Lucente
Arianna Lucente
09:29 29 Aug 18
This is the best company I have ever dealt with here in Cambridge. They reply quickly to any request, they give you honest quotation, they are all professional, honest, hardworking , polite people. Since I met them when I have a problem I know I can rely on them, I have no doubt they will do the right thing.Thanks a lot !
Jane Oremosu
Jane Oremosu
20:21 13 Mar 18
Delighted with the level of service given, Ruben arrived on time and did an outstanding job repairing the storage heaters! I highly recommend them. Great service from start to finish.
Rexie Romero
Rexie Romero
10:14 10 Dec 17
Had a Storage Heater removed. Slight delay with booking being missed in their emails, but they were really quick to rectify this and book in an appt. Electrician arrived earlier that the appt time, but was professional and friendly. Also took the time to talk me through the current setup in my flat in regards to electrical heating. Efficient removal. Recommend.
Lilian Hunter
Lilian Hunter
09:35 15 Nov 17
The engineer came to our office to repair a radiator the next day after the call out. He was quick and efficient, and gave us some useful tips. Very happy
Runa Khanum
Runa Khanum
09:59 01 Nov 17
The Electrician that came was profeasional, polite and friendly. He fixed the light wiring in 3 rooms within an hour. I could not be more pleased with the services provided.
Andrew Sim
Andrew Sim
10:59 08 Oct 17
Very easy to book an appointment and they were quick to respond to any queries I had. We used them because it's difficult to find a specialist for storage heaters - the electrician who visited our flat fixed the problem very quickly and was very professional. Highly recommended.
Fiona Little
Fiona Little
12:13 09 May 17
Great service from Cambridge electricians. Staff were friendly and was able to book and have work done quickly and without fuss. Would definitely use again.
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