Emergency Intruder Alarm Service

It’s a sad fact of life that burglaries happen. When you install a burglar alarm you at least reduce your chance of becoming a crime victim. Our burglar alarms are not just reliable when you need them to be, they also act as great deterrents. 93% of burglars said they would avoid houses with one of monitored alarms we provide.

We at Cambridge Electricians also know the true cost of burglary. It’s more than just what the criminal takes. It’s also what they leave behind. Intruder alarm systems are effective at deterring burglars and offer you round-the-clock protection to help you not become a victim of the emotional damage of burglary.

Installing an intruder alarm provides a huge security boost for your property. It’s a well-known statistic that having an intruder alarm increases your security by around 40%.

Intruder Alarm Repair Service

Every 40 seconds, a domestic or commercial building is burgled today in the UK. As scary as it seems and to prevent such situations, our team of expert electricians could repair intruder alarms, so your property is safe at all times.

Intruder Alarm Installer Cambridge

We install a wide range of intruder alarms that will be a good fit for your home. Whether you live in a flat or a five bedroom house, we will asses your property and install intruder alarms based on the level of protection & monitoring you need.

Intruder Alarm Contractor Cambridge

Intruder alarms could be of huge benefit for manufacturing sites as the intruder alarms can be monitored as part of a contract. This way, a receiving centre will be notified if there’s a disturbance the the keyholder and police.

Whether you need an emergency intruder alarm disconnection service - or something else, Cambridge Electricians is the always the right team to call.


A home CCTV system is a great way to improve your security. CCTV enables you to keep an eye on your home and loved ones, and sends a clear message to potential intruders that you are watching them too. It’s a powerful deterrent.

Installing CCTV in your home or business is a necessity of modern life. Crime is on the rise so don’t allow yourself to be a victim. We will guide you through the buying and installation process and provide you with all the information about our CCTV services you could ask for. Whether you live in the North, South, West, East or Central Cambridge, our CCTV systems provide you with great protection and real peace of mind - all a part of our service, being your premium Cambridge CCTV Installer team.

Providing a 24/7 Emergency CCTV Service

Emergency CCTV Installer Service

  • CCTV is a vital tool to increase the security in your home and reduce risks
  • We are able to install either a single camera or a more complete CCTV coverage using multiple cameras - being your most reliable Cambridge CCTV contractor
  • We offer both daylight CCTV and cameras with night vision
  • You are able to monitor your CCTV from anywhere in the world including through your phone using IP CCTV
  • Our Cambridge CCTV Repair Service can make the most of your faulty CCTV unit
  • You can login with a username and password to ensure that you are the only one who is able to access the CCTV feeds
  • You also have the option to receive an alert on your mobile phone if the cameras detect an intruder

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Starting from £75 +VAT, per hour
Omar Idriss
Omar Idriss
11:47 07 Oct 18
excellent service. The person I spoke to when getting a quote was very polite and helpful. The engineer fixed the problem quickly and explained the reason for the problem. This all done for the agreed price, which was the cheapest quote of three I got (£100 vs. £400+ which was the most expensive!)
Arianna Lucente
Arianna Lucente
09:29 29 Aug 18
This is the best company I have ever dealt with here in Cambridge. They reply quickly to any request, they give you honest quotation, they are all professional, honest, hardworking , polite people. Since I met them when I have a problem I know I can rely on them, I have no doubt they will do the right thing.Thanks a lot !
Jane Oremosu
Jane Oremosu
20:21 13 Mar 18
Delighted with the level of service given, Ruben arrived on time and did an outstanding job repairing the storage heaters! I highly recommend them. Great service from start to finish.
Rexie Romero
Rexie Romero
10:14 10 Dec 17
Had a Storage Heater removed. Slight delay with booking being missed in their emails, but they were really quick to rectify this and book in an appt. Electrician arrived earlier that the appt time, but was professional and friendly. Also took the time to talk me through the current setup in my flat in regards to electrical heating. Efficient removal. Recommend.
Lilian Hunter
Lilian Hunter
09:35 15 Nov 17
The engineer came to our office to repair a radiator the next day after the call out. He was quick and efficient, and gave us some useful tips. Very happy
Runa Khanum
Runa Khanum
09:59 01 Nov 17
The Electrician that came was profeasional, polite and friendly. He fixed the light wiring in 3 rooms within an hour. I could not be more pleased with the services provided.
Andrew Sim
Andrew Sim
10:59 08 Oct 17
Very easy to book an appointment and they were quick to respond to any queries I had. We used them because it's difficult to find a specialist for storage heaters - the electrician who visited our flat fixed the problem very quickly and was very professional. Highly recommended.
Fiona Little
Fiona Little
12:13 09 May 17
Great service from Cambridge electricians. Staff were friendly and was able to book and have work done quickly and without fuss. Would definitely use again.
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